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Recycling & E-Waste

At Skytech Gaming, we recognize the importance of preserving our planet through responsible recycling. Electronic equipment such as desktop and laptop computers contain valuable materials that can be reused instead of taking from new sources in nature. By making use of these existing components for future products, we are reducing waste while preventing harm to the environment – truly a win-win situation! Thank you for helping us create a better world with your purchase today.

Mail-Back Program for consumers in New York

For customers in the state of New York, we will accept our company branded products and one piece of electronic waste of any manufacturer’s brand with the purchase of covered electronic equipment of the same type by a consumer.

We provide a free mail back program to consumers in New York. Consumer is define as “a person located in the state who owns or uses covered electronic equipment, including but not limited to an individual, a business, corporation, limited partnership, not-for-profit corporation, the state, a public corporation, public school, school district, private or parochial school or board of cooperative educational services or governmental entity, but does not include an entity involved in a wholesale transaction between a distributor and retailer.” We also accept covered electronic equipment waste from large business consumers, but a fee may be charged for recycling and collection.

For more information regarding the New York E-Waste law, please go to:

In New York State, Brainstorm Corp is a member of the RLGA Collective Electronic Waste Acceptance Program registered with the State Department of Environmental Conservation and in compliance with the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act. This program provides convenient methods for consumers of Covered Electronic Equipment to return their products at end of life for environmentally sound recycling. Click Here

Link:  https://rev-log.com/us/consumer-electronics-recycling-opportunities/new-york/

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